Meet the inspiring people who transform lives, protect our planet, and rescue those in need.

Join Chasing Frames, and host Tamara Lackey, as we go wherever we need to be to learn more from those who spend their days and nights doing GOOD in the world.

Watch online at PBS or check your local TV schedule for on-air times.

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Episode 01 – Urgent Air Care
Episode 02 – Racing against ALS
Episode 03 -Swift Water Rescue
Episode 04 – Bat Blitz
Episode 05 – K9 Search and Rescue
Episode 06 – Good Sports
Episode 07 – The Wild Horses of Corolla
Episode 08- Rescue Puppies
Episode 09 – Exploring Light
Episode 10 – Pigs as Pets
Episode 11 – The Land of Lemurs
Episode 12 – Night Luminescence: Blue Ghost Fireflies

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